ESHI - BEITUL HALAL applies its control procedures and certifications very strictly and within the contract of specifications chosen by the customer. ESHI - BEITUL HALAL thus provides its clients with more than one contract of specifications: That of ESHI - BEITUL HALAL, the JAKIM, the MUI … ESHI - BEITUL HALAL works in a scientific manner in order to ensure that the standards selected by the customer are respected.ESHI – BEITUL HALAL is against Stunning, Mushroom Gaz, but accepts Mechanical Slaughtering under control of humans to rtrirvr thr animal that was incorrectly slaughtered.All is done under the chosen contract of specifications. ESHI - BEITUL HALAL also sets up a high quality system in order to offer the ultimate consumer a clear traceability.ESHI - BEITUL HALAL is aligned in an approach respectful of international norms, the amelioration of Halal procedures of clients and constant upgrading aiming for international certificates in respect of the specifications of the different proposed labels and of the authorities that delivered them. We got very quickly specialized on organizing Halal Assemblies, Halal Exhibitions & Fairs, Consulting, Due diligence and All Halal Concepts. BEITUL HALAL meaning House of Halal, we really aim to become a Universal Halal House, source of references and advises for the sake of al mighty ALLAH.

ESHI - BEITUL HALAL is a company founded in End 2016. Built by the founder of the First Halal Soft Drink in the World, MECCA COLA. 

With Strong experience in the field of the Halal food industry, it aims at bringing more traceability in Halal certification and at establishing quality standards for products certified according to precise specifications. Halal is not only a religious requirement but also a guarantee of hygiene and excellence.The Company’s purpose is to certify Halal products from the slaughterhouse to the processing of meat and ingredients as well as the manufacturing processes and any other product or service requiring a quality certificate.

Based on the idea of Halal for all and especially for the consumer, who should be capable of knowing the origin of the product he is eating and how it was produced, ESHI - BEITUL HALAL has developed a new technicality that enables everyone of knowing with precision the method of slaughter used for meat-based products and also the origin and details of the ingredients of processing meat-based or non-meat-based products. ESHI - BEITUL HALAL applies Halal charters to all the industrialists avid to certify their products; this concerns the brands of the food-processing industry, the pharmaceutical, the perfume shop, the food aromas, the coloring agents etc...

ESHI - BEITUL HALAL guarantees interactivity and the processing of demands in a very short period of time.

ESHI – BEITUL HALAL focus more on Training Sessions, teaching, and delivering Lectures on Halal procedures and principles.

We consider at ESHI-BEITUL HALAL all aspects of halal and not only those related to food.

At ESHI-BEITUL HALAL we care about Halal Medicine, Halal Make Up, Halal Tourism, Halal Hotels etc...

We also focus more on Food Industry and less on slaughtering activity.